GreenWorks 21362 DigiPro G-MAX 40V 14-Inch Cordless String Trimmer with 4-Amp Battery and Charger

June 18, 2014 - Comment

Whether it’s mowing your yard, or trimming the hedges, weeds and limbs or blowing away debris; GreenWorks Tools offer a complete yard work solution to get your yard work done for a professional landscaped look with its eco-fuel systems. From 20v, 24v to 40v lithium-ion battery platforms, you can now find the best lawn and

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Whether it’s mowing your yard, or trimming the hedges, weeds and limbs or blowing away debris; GreenWorks Tools offer a complete yard work solution to get your yard work done for a professional landscaped look with its eco-fuel systems. From 20v, 24v to 40v lithium-ion battery platforms, you can now find the best lawn and garden system that will fit your needs in cost (Price), power and versatility. The DigiPro Brushless G-MAX Series provides the gas comparable power without the gas. Currently featuring the DigiPro 16″ Chainsaw, DigiPro 185MPH Blower/Vac and now the 14″ String Trimmer, you don’t have to sacrifice power to go cordless. The DigiPro Brushless String Trimmer offers a 14″ cut path with a .080 bump feed (head) to make it easy when advancing the line and cutting through tough weeds. The straight shaft design makes it easy to view your task without obstruction of view allowing you to work through your yard seamlessly. For versatility, the top mount motor head is detachable to offer multiple usage capabilities and is compatible with most gas attachments so that you don’t have to purchase new proprietary tools (please see content above for more compatibility models). When looking for the right gas comparable lawn tools, GreenWorks G-MAX System is the right solution to turn to with the power and performance, longer run time and versatility to get the job done. Dye cast gear box and straight shaft design makes this easy to use while trimming.View larger Power, Performance and Durablity

GreenWorks is closing the gap between gas powered vs. battery powered lawn tools with their DigiPro Brushless G-MAX 40V Series. Now introducing the the GreenWorks DigiPro 14″ String Trimmer, you can tear through your yard with greater torque, higher efficiency and reliable performance. The die cast gear box and straight steel shaft design provides durability during use and offers an unobtrusive view while trimming. The 14″ dual line bump feed makes line advancement easy without the need to manually adjust. Lighter than most gas powered string trimmer, you can now enjoy working out in the yard without the fumes and hassle of gas. For versatility, we have also made this motor head attachment capable with the ability to accept most gas attachments–no proprietary equipment needed to go from trimming to hedging (attachments sold separately, ONLY string trimmer attachment include). Current compatible attachments are Ryobi, TrimmerPlus and Craftsman. GreenWorks Tools comes with a 4 year warranty.

GreenWorks Brings True Innovation to Lawn and Garden Tools

GreenWorks DigiPro Brushless Motor takes innovation to the next level in lawn and garden tools offering premium durable tools with enhanced performance and higher efficiency to give you gas power without the gas. With a 10 year motor warranty, the DigiPro tools will out perform any battery powered and corded tool; while giving you gas comparable torque to get tough jobs done. Lighter and more efficient, these DigiPro tools are also quieter with lower vibration and requires no maintenance. Whether it is being used on a daily basis or once a year, you can now store your tool away without the fear corrosion. The GreenWorks DigiPro G-MAX 40V Li-Ion Series currently features a string trimmer, chainsaw and blower/vac.

The GreenWorks G-MAX 40V System

The last battery you will ever purchase, the GreenWorks G-MAX System offers a full range of compatible lawn and garden tools to get the job done. Whether you need to mow, trim or hedge around your yard, there is a tool for every chore. Simply snap the battery out from one tool to the next, press the start button and get back to work. No more hassle of gas pull cords, spilling oil onto your lawn or the noise and vibration of gas motors. With this cordless system in your shed, you will not have to worry about performance level, durability of the tool or other gas related issues. The G-MAX charger is Energy Star Rated with charging capabilities to quickly fully power the 2AH battery within 60 minutes or the 4AH battery within 120 minutes. GreenWorks takes innovation to a higher standard with reliable, powerful tools that will get your job done and, Make Life Easier. GreenWorks Li-Ion Batteries comes with a 4 year warranty. What’s in the box: Top Mount, String Trimmer Attachment, G-MAX 40V Li-Ion Battery and Charger, Spool and Owner’s Manual.

Compatible with GreenWorks G-MAX 40V Li-Ion System. One of 14 tools.
View larger Complete Lawn Care System

GreenWorks brings innovation to lawn and garden with a full range of gas comparable tools through its G-MAX 40V Li-Ion Battery. Two models available, 2ah for lighter weigth and 4ah for longer run time. Quick charge time, 60 minutes for the 2ah and 120 minutes for the 4ah. Purchase the entire line of G-MAX 40V tools and start enjoying your yard work again without the fumes or hassle of gas.

Attaches to most gas attachment models.
View larger Versatility

You already own several gas attachment? No problem, with the GreenWorks DigiPro G-MAX String Trimmer, you can continue using most of the gas attachments. Accepts Ryobi, Craftsman, TrimmerPlus, Yardworks and more to help you save some money while delivery the same power and performance you expect from a gas powered motor head. Please refer to your manual for complete list of compatible brands.

.080 dual line bump feed makes trimming easy
View larger Power and Performance

Bringing power and performance to lawn tools, GreenWorks DigiPro Brushless Motor delivers greater torque to this G-MAX 40V Li-Ion String Trimmer so that you can rid your yard of those stubborn weeds, while also providing a simple electric start to get you going quickly. Sometimes, simple is better. You don’t have to sacrifice power with this innovative cordless 40V brushless motor string trimmer.

Already have a brush cutter attachment? No worries, accepts most gas attachments to save you money.
View larger Get more done

Whether you need some trimming, edging, brush cutting or tilling, the die cast gear box motor head allows you to turn this string trimmer to a variety of tools so that you can get more done. Assembly is easy and tool-less so there’s no need for any hassle. Just simple, un-attach and re-attach. And, with the simple electric start, you can get back to work quickly and efficiently.

View larger Reliable Energy

The innovative technology of Lithium-Ion has changed many industries over the years and GreenWorks has changed lawn and garden with its high powered reliable energy source, The G-MAX 40V Li-Ion System. Lithium-Ion technology offers fade free power throughout its entire run time and does not suffer from major memory loss. With up to 14 different tools to choose from, our G-MAX 40V System offers the highest battery efficiency and greatest performance so you can complete your yard work without the smell of gas. Whether it is our G-MAX 40V, Compact 20V or G-24V Family of tools, we have a reliable cordless li-ion solution for all budgets.

View larger Hassle Free

No more winterizing, no more oily mess, no more de-tangling or accidentally cutting off your power cord. GreenWorks G-MAX 40V Li-Ion System is the ideal hassle free cordless battery system to replace your gas powered and corded lawn tools. This G-MAX DigiPro String Trimmer will rip through your yard and make your neighbors jealous as they continue to fight through the mess and hassle of gas. Just snap in your battery, press the button and start weeding. No more gas pull cords or mixing oil and gas, instant start–and when you are done, take the battery out to recharge or switch to another tool move on to the next chore. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to ("" (,, or


Joshua D. Murrah says:

perfect replacement for gas trimmer, mixed thoughts versus other cordless trimmers OVERVIEW: If you’re coming from a gas trimmer, you will love this trimmer… if you’re coming from another cordless trimmer/edger and use both functions, you might be mixed on the features of this trimmer.PROS:Very powerful, dual-string trimmer head, best I’ve used on a cordlessPart of a very good family of high-powered yard tools with leading-edge battery techFeels just like a gas trimmerTakes standard-style attachments such as edger/cultivator/brush…

HugeStakkaBoFan says:

Pretty good for electric The unboxing experience is pretty awful–there’s no packing material whatsoever so everything scrapes against everything else, all of the stickers on the thing are half peeled off, and the head is only loosely attached so if you make the mistake of checking to make sure the motor works before you charge everything up for actual work, it’s going to fly right off.Assembly instructions are not very clear at all, but there’s only a few parts and only so many ways they can go on, so no…

James Bowman says:

Love it 0

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